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Vikings vs Ripples: Who is the top luxury buffet in Bacolod City?

Since Bacolod now has two luxury buffets in Bacolod, let's take a look at how they compare against one another. Who is the best? I'll let you decide.

So here goes:

Food variety:

L. Fisher Hotel's Ripples Restaurant Review

Finally my wife and I were able to go to Ripples in L. Fisher Hotel. I have heard about this restaurant for a long, long time as a place that serves international food from all over the world. Lucky enough, this past weekend the restaurant offered a dinner buffet + Christmas show special from 6-10 P.M. for 750 pesos for two. We couldn't let this opportunity slip by, so we decided to buy the tickets early and head over there as soon as possible.

I must say, I was quite surprised. When it comes to food, I'm a bit picky--not in the sense that I won't eat a lot of different types of food, but that I'm picky to say something is delicious when it tastes mediocre and doesn't make me go, "Mmm". Was there any "Mmm" making foods? Let's check out the menu:

Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM City Bacolod Restaurant Review

My wife and I decided to head to the newest buffet restaurant in Bacolod, Vikings.

They had a 50% off sale for anyone who wore a vikings mask, and so my wife decided that we should make our own. I must say, she completely crushed mine (and she was a bit disappointed in what I made her).

We didn't want to wait in line, as I know that in Manila the lines can get pretty long and the wait can be horrendous, so we went ahead and booked a early reservation. It is quite common in Manila for people to get there early and talk and hang out for several hours, so why not? You don't have to jump right in feeding your pie hole. You can start with beer (on tap!!! You can't find that anywhere else in Bacolod at the moment), wine (if you want to pay extra), or one of the great many drinks they offer on tap.

Tokyo Tokyo Restaurant at SM City Bacolod

Tokyo Tokyo recently opened in SM Bacolod City a couple months ago. I love to try new restaurant, so I went ahead and did just that with my wife.

Japanese food at Tokyo Tokyo
Japanese food at Tokyo Tokyo in SM Bacolod City
Does it look delicious? It was! We have some Japanese ramen, sushi, and some teriyaki chicken (if I remember correctly).

Kuidore Yakiniku Restaurant

Japanese food in Bacolod
Japanese Yakiniku in Bacolod

Kuidore Yakiniku (meaning, "many grilled") can be found inside the Pag-ibig building in Barangay Singcang. It's hours are 11am-1pm (lunch) and 6pm-9pm (dinner). The lunch menu is quite a bit different than the dinner menu, with lunch offering package deals (similar to bento boxes).

Since we live nearby, my wife and I decided to finally check out this Japanese restaurant we see so often, only from the outside.

At first impression, it looks small with only around five or six tables. The ambiance is nice yet simplistic. The colors go well together and aren't overcoming of our attention or feel as if it is compensating for something. The restaurant plays Japanese instrumental music in the background to further the aura of simplicity.