Travel Tips

Bacolod is a fairly decent sized city at over 500,000 people covering an area of over 160 km2 (60 sq mi). However, most shopping areas (including wet markets), restaurants, and many tourist attractions can be found along Lacson St. and around Bacolod City Plaza (labeled as Central Market on Jeepnies).

Nonetheless, for many resorts, hotels, and beaches you'll have to head a bit farther away. Don't worry, traveling Bacolod is easy, as long as you know where you are going and aren't afraid to ask the Jeepney driver. If you don't speak Tagalog or Hiligaynon, simply say the destination and the driver will either nod once (and quickly, so watch for it) or shake his head or even drive off, seemingly ignoring you. If that happens, just find a different Jeepney and ask.

Jeepnies that travel along Lacson St. (including the tourist strip) include Mandalagan-Libertad and Bata-Libertad. Both of those jeepnies also travel around the Bacolod City Plaza. Actually, most jeepnies can be found there.

However, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, you have to get to Bacolod! It might seem like a bit of a task, especially if you are coming from overseas, but it is as easy as it gets for a domestic airport. Your other choice is going through Iloilo and taking a ship or through Cebu and taking a ship/bus ride.

Airlines that fly to the Bacolod-Silay Airport (yes, it's not in Bacolod!) include:

Cebu Pacific Air
Airphil Express
Philippine Airlines
South East Asian Airlines

Coming from Iloilo, you can take a ferry:

2Go (formerly Supercat)

You can pick up ferry seats for fairly cheap the same day, as long as you go early morning. The first Supercat ferry to Bacolod is at 7:30 am and the last is 5:00 pm. The first ferry to Iloilo is 6:00 am and the last 3:15 pm.