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Masskara 2015 Schedule and Talk

Masskara 2015 is finally here!

Every year Masskara seems to be changing at least a little bit. This year, Masskara Araneta Fiesta Alley has been added along Araneta St. It's open after 5pm every day.

Here's what I'm wondering: Why did they put it there? The traffic is unbearable. Not to mention, where is everyone going to stand for the street dancing competition? Everyone is just going to move south another block? Ugh! Oh well, it's not like you can actually see the street dancing outside of the first row anyway, and everyone pushes so much that I'm afraid to bring any children.

Panaad Festival

Panaad Festival is known as "The Mother of All Festivals" in the Negros Provinces. The festival is a conglomerate of 32 separate festivals from 13 cities sand 19 towns across Negros island.

"Panaad sa Negros Festival" takes place sometime between March and April at the Panaad Park and Stadium in Barangay Mansilingan, Bacolod City where history, culture, trade, agriculture, and tourism are showcased. The first four festivals were held at the Capitol Park and Lagoon but was transferred to Panaad Park after the celebration became so large that it became necessary for Bacolod to give the festival it's own area. In 1997, the festival moved to Panaad Park and Stadium where it now calls home.

The 23nd Panaad Festival (2016 edition) will kick off during the second week of April (11-17) with sporting event competitions, including boxing.

Bacolodiat Festival

The Bacolodiat Festival takes place once a year to celebrate the Chinese New Year (also known as the Spring Festival). It occurs for three days with the last day occurring on the holiday.

The Bacolodiat Festival has various activities such as The Lantern Dance, Chopstix alley, fireworks, lantern contests, dragon and lion dances, a parade involving several of the "Chinese" schools, and more. You'll also find many of the malls in Bacolod celebrating this time of year by having discounts and their own events.

Bacolod's Masskara Festival

A mask on display at Robinsons Place Bacolod.

The Masskara Festival is easily Bacolod's biggest tourist attraction and most celebrated festival. The Masskara Festival, sometimes called the Festival of Smiles, takes place during a three week period in October ending on the Monday following the weekend closest to October 19, the city's charter day.

The festival first began during the 1980's sugar crisis. The sugar crisis was when the United States changed to fructose corn syrup instead of using sugar. This greatly decreased demand for sugar cane around the world. Since sugar cane is the cash crop of Negros, many people saw economic hardship. As well, during the 1980's the people of Bacolod lost 700 people due to a boating accident. Because of this, the people set up the Masskara Festival as a way to show that there is always something to smile about and celebrate.