Bacolod Night Life

Bacolod City isn't necessarily known for its night life. Actually, all of the malls within the city close early compared to other cities-even SM City closes at 9PM and Robinsons at 8PM. However, there are several areas within the city that can give you life after dark, especially since the city is known for its call centers. Sadly, you won't find these areas around the plaza.

This area is the exact opposite of the rest of the city. Where downtown Bacolod is alive and thriving during the day, Goldenfields is virtually a ghost town. Likewise, when the downtown area is virtually dead, Goldenfields is one of the busiest areas after dark.

Goldenfields is full of restaurants, bars, and clubs. The area is also home to 24 hour convenient stores and groceries. This can be especially handy if you are wanting to stay in one of the hotels inside the area.

Furthermore, prostitution is rampant here. Likely, if you are walking alone, you will be approached by a pimp or prostitute, especially if you look well off. If you are into prostitutes, they charge anywhere between 500-2000 pesos depending on your look and friendliness. However, the prostitutes may or may not have STDs, so try them at your own risk. The so-called "red card" does not truly exist and is used only as a way to get customers. The prostitutes are generally tested once every 6 months by the government. As we all know, it only takes one time to infect someone with HIV. Be careful!

Sadly, like everywhere in the city after dark, crime is also rampant. You should be especially vigilant when traveling to and from your destination and inside clubs and bars at night.

So I've had quite a few people searching for "Is Goldenfields closing?" So here's your answer: NO! The area currently closed will eventually turn into CityMall, which is a community mall. CityMall is owned by Double Dragon (the same group that owns Jollibee and Mang Inasal) and SM. It won't be the only CityMall in Bacolod as the group also purchased land in Mandalagan along Lacson St. The mall is actually quite new as the first one only opened on March 15, 2015 in Roxas City, which includes a Robinsons Supermarket, Handyman, drug stores, and fast food.

Lacson St
Lacson St is home to several clubs, bars, and restaurants that are open late. Most of these are found within what is known as "the tourist strip" to locals. It's a stretch of road from The Lagoon to Bascon St.

Here, you'll find upper class restaurants like 21, Inaka, Shabuniku, L. Kaisei, Pendy's, Kristine's Steakhouse, and more. These areas serve delicious food for anywhere from 200-450 pesos and are open later than the smaller restaurants around the Plaza. Closer to The Lagoon, you'll find 24 hour restaurants like Jollibees, McDonald's, and KFC.

However, after dark, the place to be is one of the smaller clubs (there are many) and Sorrento. Sorrento is a hot spot for middle and upper class foreigners and Filipinos looking to drink and have fun. You'll usually find Koreans and Japanese students from La Salle and off-duty call center workers here. It's located across the street from Mayfair Plaza, next to Shakey's.