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Greenoz Pizza

One of the first pizza places you'll see in Bacolod is Greenoz. Greenoz has been a beloved and hated restaurant in Bacolod the world over.

The famed pizza place serves an incredibly large Swiss-style pizza which has a very thin crust and only a few toppings. However, the taste is pretty decent.

Calda Pizza

One of my American expat coworkers once told me, "Calda has the est pizza in Bacolod." Being a fellow American, I had to give it a try.

Calda is located near Gaisano City in Singcang-Airport along Araneta Avenue.

Calda Pizza location in Bacolod City

Honestly, the pizza was one of the farthest things from what i could have imagined. Nothing like an American pizza at all and definitely not something I figured an expat would consider as the best pizza.

Alberto's Pizza Restaurant

Alberto's Pizza is a chain restaurant in the Philippines. However, it's not like other chains. It's only located in large cities and there's normally only one in each.

Alberto's offers quality pizza at a reasonable price. My wife and I eat Spanish sardine pizza and tuna melt pizza a few weeks back at the Alberto's located next to Jollibee's in Shopping.

Even though the menu states they have "quick melt" and mozzarella cheeses available, they only really had quick melt cheddar. We were hesitant at first, but we went ahead and gave it a try.