Bacolod Attractions

Bacolod City is a wonderful city with many fantastic tourist attractions. Even though the most famous is the Masskara Festival, it only takes place during three weeks of October. So what else is there to do? Plenty!

Masskara Festival
The festival of smiles. It is a celebration of pulling through hard times and smiling. It takes place during three weeks of October every year. The highlight of the event occurs on the weekend closest to October 19 (Bacolod's Charter day). It contains activities like street dancing, cosplay, musical concerts, carnivals, beauty pageants, and more.

Mambukal Mountain Resort
A resort 40 minutes south of Bacolod City. It has seven beautiful waterfalls, hot springs, swimming pools, boating, and wall climbing. It also includes a beautiful Butterfly Sanctuary.

Negros Showroom
Locating along Lacson St Tourist Strip, the Showroom offers a look at Negros' unique culture and festivals.

Capitol Lagoon Park
Located along the Tourist Strip, the Lagoon gives tourists and Bacolodnons a place to relax and walk after visiting one of the many restaurants and shops in the area.

Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Center
Located beside the Lagoon, Negros Forest (what locals and signs call it) is a much needed area for ecological sanctuary in the otherwise busy city. The sanctuary is a place with native plants, birds, and other animals native to the island.

Negros Museum
This museum has everything you would hope it would. It contains the history of Negros. It includes such wonders as the sugar cane and coconuts used to ward off Spanish forces.

The Ruins
This is a mansion that was once owned by a rich Italian woman and then later used by the Japanese. It is said to be haunted. The area also includes mini-golf and  a beautiful fountain.

Chicken Inasal
This isn't exactly a place, although I do recommend Manokan Country (also called Chicken Country). The place doesn't look like much, but the chicken inasal is delicious. However, if you or the person you are with doesn't speak Hiligaynon, I recommend Chicken House or Manokan Alley in Goldenfield.

This a commercial district in Bacolod that is full of hotels, restaurants, bars, and other nightlife activities like bowling and a casino.

The Pope John Paul II Tower
A tower dedicated in honor of Pope John Paul II's visit to Bacolod in 1981. It is found next to SM City Bacolod.