Bacolod Restaurants

Bacolod is a city known for its food, tourism, and foreign students. As such, the city is able to turn out restaurants of all types of flavors, colors, and international cuisine.

Here are some of the many restaurants available in Bacolod:

An upper-class restaurant available along the tourism strip (a section of Lacson St. with hotels, restaurants, etc.) with prices ranging from 100-500 pesos ($2.50-$6) a dish. It serves both Filipino and international cuisine, specializing in Filipino and American foods. Try their fried quail!

This is an upper-class Japanese restaurant along the tourism strip. Prices are 100-500 pesos ($2.50-$6) a dish. It is what is known in other countries as a "Japanese Steak House". Inaka offers sushi, sushimi, noodles, and a large variety of other Japanese cuisine. It also offers a chef to cook in front of you for extra entertainment, just be sure to ask!

Kuidaore Yakiniku
This is another upper-class Japanese restaurant. It's located inside the Pag-ibig building in Singcang. Prices range from 140-500 pesos a person during dinner time (without rice or drinks) and from 100-500 during lunch time.

This is an upper-class Korean restaurant along the tourism strip. Prices are 150-500 pesos ($3-$6) a dish. However, when ordering, it's safe to assume it will feed at least two people. This makes it extra affordable, but also gives it an upper-class feel. The restaurant also offers someone to cook in front of you for various dishes. Try their aloe juice! You'll always find Korean students eating here.

This is an upper-class Korean restaurant above Shakey's Pizza. There are two sections, the grill and the soup area. Choose wisely. This restaurant is slightly more expensive than Kimstaurant but the food is just as delicious and the side dishes are a little different.

Lord Byron's
This grill house is sometimes referred to as the place with the best baby back ribs in all of Bacolod. Although I haven't tried *all* baby backs in Bacolod, that saying still might be true. With great prices, Lord Byron's is a can't miss in the city.

Bob's Cafe
This is one of Bacolodnon's favorite restaurants (not to be confused with Cafe Bob's). It serves mostly international food, but don't let the locals fool you. The 'American' food isn't truly American. It's Western food with a Filipino touch! Prices are 80-250 pesos ($2-6.40). Try their sate (Indonesian BBQ with a peanut sauce)! However, I recommend the Bob's at Robinsons. They are basically a more expensive fast food restaurant. They use cheap ingredients but have a wide menu.

I didn't try this until a new Pepe's opened on Northern Lacson St., but once I did, I fell in love. It serves mostly international food. Try their baby back ribs! Price: 100-300 pesos ($2.50-$7.50) per dish.

Do you like international food? Try it out in a luxurious setting in Bacolod's prime hotel, L. Fisher. You'll have great eats, but it costs an arm and a leg when it's not promo season. Price: 799-899 pesos ($20) per person for all-you-can-eat. During promotions: 350-399 pesos ($9-10)

Another international style restaurant, but this one's located at SM City Bacolod. This restaurant hosts the largest buffet spread you'll ever see. Price: 845 pesos ($20) per person for all-you-can-eat. Go on your birthday and eat free, as long as you go with another paying customer.

Affordable Fast Food

This place serves fantastic bihon and spaghetti. As well, they serve great pizza! If you aren't hungry for some fast food, check out some of their great pastries. Price: 40-100 pesos ($1-2.50) for each dish.

Chinky's is Bacolod's very own fast food restaurant. It serves typical Filipino food (spaghetti, bihon, bbq) for very reasonable prices. Prices are 40 to 150 pesos ($1-$4.25) a dish. However, the menu changes from Chinky's to Chinky's. So be sure to check out more than one!

Chicken Inasal

Chicken House
This is one of the places Bacolod City is known for. If you don't speak Hiligaynon or don't know someone who does, this is the place to go for chicken inasal (Bacolod's specialty). Chicken inasal is a special blend of spices on grilled chicken. Prices are 70-100 pesos ($1.80-2.50) per piece of chicken. However, rice is extra!

Manokan Country
This isn't exactly a restaurant. It's a strip of restaurants available near SM and a short walk from the plaza. Here you'll find different restaurants serving their inasal slightly different and with different parts of the bird (some serve "chicken tail" or intestines). As well, you'll find something you won't find anywhere else: native chicken (a more flavorful chicken) inasal. I suggest Nena's Beth's Inasal. Prices are 20-80 pesos ($0.50 to $2) depending on where and what you order. To save money, you can even bring your own rice!

Breads and Desserts

This is one of Bacolod's hidden gems tourists don't generally get to see. It's available in several areas around the city, including Lopues Araneta by the plaza. Here you'll find breads, dessert, and Filipino food. I recommend trying everything.

A bread shop that also serves some Filipino delicacies.

A pastry shop that serves Filipino delicacies.

Similar to Foodman except only one (that I know of) serves meals. They are mostly a pasalubong center.

This is a dessert restaurant (thought commonly eaten as merienda or afternoon snack) that has been featured on television shows and in magazines, newspapers, and the radio in the Philippines. It is beloved by foreigners especially. Here you'll find all your favorite cakes, pies, and cookies. Price: around 70-90 pesos (around $2) per slice.

Felicia's Pastry Shop
This is a dessert house similar to Calea. This is a lighter dessert place compared to Calea and is much more of a dessert shop than a snack. You can find cake, pies, and other desserts which you can't easily find elsewhere. Pecans, anyone? Price: 75-95 pesos per slice.

El Ideal
This is another restaurant that has been featured in media across the Philippines. However, unlike Calea, there is only one actual restaurant. The other is a simple stand in Robinson's. It's not technically in Bacolod, but it is in the Bacolod Metro in Silay, near the Airport. However, it's easy to miss, so you may want to ask a local where to find it. Try their siopao and deluxe french toast (chicken and ham sandwich using french toast). It also serves Bacolod delicacies and desserts.