Vikings vs Ripples: Who is the top luxury buffet in Bacolod City?

Since Bacolod now has two luxury buffets in Bacolod, let's take a look at how they compare against one another. Who is the best? I'll let you decide.

So here goes:

Food variety:

The only reason why "price" has check marks under both restaurants is because they are similar prices and both have different promotions throughout the year where the price changes. For example, when it is your birthday, you can go to Vikings and eat free as long as you go with one person who pays the full price. At Ripples, there are graduation promotions, Christmas promotions, and other promotions throughout the year.

Deciding who is best depends on why you are going to the restaurant, who you are going with, and what you expect from the place of dining. For me, taste is the most important. For others, a wide variety is best.

To be honest, I had a much better time at Ripples restaurant, but I can see how someone else may enjoy Vikings more. Vikings is a much bigger place with a much more luxurious looking display and a larger variety of food.