Kuidore Yakiniku Restaurant

Japanese food in Bacolod
Japanese Yakiniku in Bacolod

Kuidore Yakiniku (meaning, "many grilled") can be found inside the Pag-ibig building in Barangay Singcang. It's hours are 11am-1pm (lunch) and 6pm-9pm (dinner). The lunch menu is quite a bit different than the dinner menu, with lunch offering package deals (similar to bento boxes).

Since we live nearby, my wife and I decided to finally check out this Japanese restaurant we see so often, only from the outside.

At first impression, it looks small with only around five or six tables. The ambiance is nice yet simplistic. The colors go well together and aren't overcoming of our attention or feel as if it is compensating for something. The restaurant plays Japanese instrumental music in the background to further the aura of simplicity.

Like traditional Japanese restaurants, there's a grill at the center of each seating area. If you order grilled meat, when your food is served you cook it yourself.

My wife and I ordered Ox tongue and Nami Karubi (thinly sliced beef rib), soda, tea, a small rice, and a medium rice. Before our main meal was served, we were brought a free appetizer--mung bean sprouts in peanut oil. The food was served shortly after, uncooked, in their respective dishes with their own sauces.

Upon cooking the meat and drowning ourselves with the aroma of deliciousness, we finally took our first bites. The marinade sauce was simple, yet namit, and so the same can be said about the dipping sauce.

Furthermore, the nami karubi was fantastic. It was the perfect texture and had just the right flavor.

Sadly, we were disappointed with the ox tongue. Although we could still taste the deliciousness that is this amazing meat, it was not tenderized to our liking, which is very unlike fresh tongue. It leaves us to think that it was left in the freezer for too long.

Overall, the meal was satisfying.

The price for our entire meal was 520 pesos. This is a bit hefty on the wallet when considering the food is easily available at most markets for reasonable prices, we cooked the food, and the marinade was something I already know how to cook after tasting it (simple teriyaki sauces with spring onion).

No wonder why we were the only people in the restaurant.

If you are wanting to try this place, I recommend coming around noon time so you can get a package deal at a much better price!