Sta. Fe Resort

Exotic animals at Sta. Fe Resort Bacolod
An exotic bird in a cage at Sta. Fe Resort in Bacolod City
I have been wanting to go to Sta. Fe  Resort for a long time, and my wife quickly agreed to spend a day there. It costs, I believe, 50 pesos to enter and 50 pesos to use the swimming pools. They also have restaurants and rooms available.

My wife and I went there during the off season, so it might be a bit more expensive the other times of the year. Was it the best place in the world? Definitely not! However, I have seen much worse. It is important to remember not to use western standards when grading these types of resorts. This is a small resort mostly for people from the area and simply want a weekend off. For us, that's what it  was.

The animals are in small cages and generally look depressed (like most zoos in the Philippines). However, there just aren't many places for children to see animals like this in the Philippines. They seemed to be treated decently, only they could have used a few more partners.

As for the swimming pools, they are fantastic and there's tons of space. They are probably the best pools in Bacolod!

The restaurant, like everywhere else in Bacolod, needs some work. The staff is lazy, like usual but the food is OK.

The function halls are booked quite often for different events, so if you want to hold something there, be sure to call ahead of time.

I've personally heard both good and bad experiences about Sta. Fe Resort, but my experience was mostly positive. Just don't expect the staff to pay much attention to you.

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