El Mojo's Mexican Restaurant

El Mojo's Mexican Restaurant is located in the same building as Dana Buko Cocktail across from Panasiatic. You can get there using the Homesite jeepney (be sure to ask, "NGC?" before boarding) or Bata-Pepsi.

Before going to El Mojo's I was excited to learn that there was another "Mexican" restaurant coming to Bacolod. I absolutely adore Mexican food, from Burritos to Quesadillas to Fajitas, I love it. As you can imagine, my stomach was growling all the way until I sat down and looked at the menu.


I immediately became extremely disappointed. It wasn't Mexican at all! There was only two "Mexican" food items on the menu: beef burrito and chicken burrito. Yes, they had nachos, but that isn't even Mexican. It is Texan. All the other food items were typical Filipino food like tapa.

Thus, I didn't want the trip to go to waste, so I ordered the beef burrito and my wife ordered the beef tapa.

Beef burrito from El Mojo's

Beef tapa at El Mojo's
I must say how disappointed the both of us were. The so-called "beef burrito" had two tiny pieces of beef in it (I wouldn't have even noticed if I didn't open it and have a look). The rest of the burrito contained five beans and the remaining was rice. Only rice. Mexican rice, but still rice. So essentially, it was a rice burrito. Oh, it did taste like sour cream. So it had that going for it, if you like sour cream, anyway.

A rice burrito for 110 pesos. Yikes!

It came with something that the waitress called "salsa", but it tasted closer to what I would call "rotten tomato soup". It was disgusting and didn't taste anything like any salsa I have ever had in my life. It had absolutely no spiciness to it either. None.

The beef tapa tasted exactly like what you'd get at Merci. Nothing special.

Frankly, there was nothing "Mexican" about this place.

Taste: 2 out of 5 (pallatable. But not recommended.)
Price: 1 out of 5 (seriously, 110 for a RICE BURRITO)
Atmosphere: 1 out of 5 (we were the only ones in the restaurant besides the waiter, cook, and owner (maybe, could be manager) and all the workers did was talk loudly and be annoying).

My recommendations: Don't go to El Mojo's.