Dana Buko Cocktail - Delicious Halo Halo in Bacolod

I love halo-halo. It is one of my favorite Filipino foods. If you aren't familiar with it, it is essentially fruit (usually dried) mixed with condensed milk, sweet beans, coconut shavings, and often topped with ice cream (usually "ube" flavor [purple yam]).

In Manila and Cebu there are Coconut Republics, which I love. Essentially, they take a giant coconut, cut it in half, throw a bunch of fruit of your choice inside with the rest of the ingredients and call it a day. It is amazing, and one of my "must haves" whenever I visit one of those two places. In Bacolod, we aren't as fortunate to have such amazing halo halo food stands.

However, we have the next best thing. We have Dana Buko Cocktail restaurant. Although Dana Buko has only one halo-halo choice, and it's much smaller than Coconut Republics coconut, it is probably the best halo-halo I have had in all of Bacolod. The amount of toppings Dana Buko gives is what I'd guess as twice as much as any other place.

Halo-halo from Dana Buko Cocktail

Of course, this great dining establishment isn't only about their halo-halo, they also include fresh buko juice, buko pie, and other coconut deliciousness.

Fresh buko juice from Dana Buko Cocktail
So, how do you get there? Easy! It is just across the street from Panasiatic call center along Circumferential Road, in the big red building on the second floor.

Take homesite (be sure to tell the jeepney driver "NGC", or from Bata, take Bata-Pepsi and get off at Panasiatic.

Service: 4 out of 5 (a little slow after we told them we needed more time to decide what we wanted)
Price: 3 out of 5 (more expensive than other halo-halo places, but more toppings) 65 pesos for halo-halo, 55 for buko juice
Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 (since it is across from Panasiatic, expect call centers to be hanging out inside and out, talking, drinking, and more through all hours of the day).