Ming Dimsum & Noodle: Chinese Restaurant

Ming Dimsum & Noodle
My wife and I decided to head to a restaurant weve never been to on our anniversary. We orginally wanted to go to Dragon Palace but it was closed due to renovations. We decided to keep looking in the same area to see if we could find a different Chinese restaurant to try out. We ended up at Ming Dimsum and Noodle at Terra Dolce, close to Robinson's Shopping.

Ming Dimsum & Noodle Map Bacolod City
Map to find Ming Dimsum & Noodle in Bacolod City

My first impression was amazement. It isn't common to find fine dining in Bacolod, nonetheless, Chinese fine dining. I expected the prices to be outrageous, but seeing as how it was our anniversary, why not?

Interior of Ming Dimsum & Noodle
The interior of Ming Dimsum & Noodle. Isn't it fantastic?
We decided to order the Pechay with Black Mushroom and the Soy Chicken. My wife was a little weary of the chicken at first, but I've heard soy chicken was delicious, so I convinced her to give in and give it a try.

Soy Chicken
Soy Chicken served with ginger sauce
Wow was my wife amazed! She loved it! She loves mushrooms so I knew she would enjoy that, but the chicken was anyone's guess. It's served with a ginger sauce--it doesn't have a strong ginger flavor--and it went quite well together.

The pechay (napa cabbage) with black mushrooms was also quite nice. The napa cabbage tasted like it was perhaps blanched and then covered with the mushroom sauce. It tasted like it has oyster sauce mixed with the mushrooms. A simple recipe, but the taste was great.

Our table
It's all served!

For drinks, we tried the lychee shake and Emperor's iced tea. Both were fantastic.

Emperor's iced tea and lychee shake
Emperor's iced tea and lychee shake
Price: 3 out of 5 (200-250 for most dishes, no rice included)
Service: 4 out of 5 (nothing bad to say except they served my lychee around 10 minutes before my wife received her drink)
Environment: 4 out of 5 (a good looking place that was quiet. The only bad thing was the annoying bug zappers)