SM City Bacolod

SM City in Bacolod, Negros Occidental at night.

SM City Bacolod is located in the Reclamation Area of the city. The mall is comprised of two wings, the north and south wing. The two wings are connected by bridges. The north wing contains the SM Department Store while the south wing contains SM Supermarket.

Along with the two anchor stores, the mall includes SM Appliance, Ace Hardware, SM Cinema, SM Food Court, SM Event Center and many other shops and restaurants. The restaurants and shops include both international and local flavors that give expats, balikbayans, and locals a place to rest, shop, and eat.

For locals, SM is seen as a gathering place along with somewhere to spend extra money. On the downside, it is also seen as a place where only rich people buy their clothes and accessories. Even though there are shops for poorer individuals, the bulk of products sold at SM are high priced and not necessarily higher quality. For foreigners, SM is seen as a place to buy an expanded variety of international food, buy brands they bought at home, and eat at restaurants from home.

My suggestion is that if you are simply wanting to buy food or clothing then you should shop elsewhere. Many of the products are sold at higher prices simply due to the rental fees and name power SM provides.

SM Prime Holdings announced earlier in 2012 that they are investing $2.5 billion in the expansion of SM City Bacolod. They will move the department store to an additional three-story building while converting the north wing into a 3-story building as well. They expect to hold an additional 150 stores with the improvements.

How To Get to SM City Bacolod
Most jeepney routes are able to go by SM. However, it's a first-come first-serve option. Jeepneys generally either go by Plaza Mart or SM (since they can't go by both). Simply ask the driver, "SM?" and he'll either shake his head yes or no.