Bacolod Public Plaza

The Bacolod Pavilion in the center of Bacolod Public Plaza.

The Bacolod Public Plaza is located in downtown Bacolod City. It is a trapezoidal park with four circular fountains and a gazebo.

The Plaza (as it is commonly called) is located near city hall, San Sebastian Cathedral, Central Market, and malls like Lopues Araneta, SM City, and Plaza Mart, and Gaisano Main.

The park was donated to Bacolod in 1927 as a place where people can hold cultural, spiritual, and recreational events. Today, the area is used as a gathering place for students, workers, and families during all times of the year. On Sundays a church service is held at the park.

The Bacolod Pavilion is used mostly as a bandstand during concerts and events. The sides of the gazebo are inscribed Beethoven, Wagner, Haydn, and Mozart.

The Bacolod Public Plaza is most notable as the final destination of the street dance competition during the Masskara Festival (a three week festival in October that finalizes on the the weekend closest to October 19, the city's Charter day anniverary).

How to get to the Bacolod Public Plaza
Take any jeepney! Jeepneys that head to Central Market or Libertad will pass right by the Plaza. That's almost every single one!

Tourist tips:
The fountains at the Plaza are rarely in use (no water). If you want to see them on, you should visit during October.

The area is known for homeless people, especially "rugby kids" (kids who sniff paint and other solvents) and prostitutes. The area is unsafe after dark.