Chicken Charlie Restaurant

Chicken Charlie is a newish chicken place in SM Bacolod. They have changed their menu a couple of times but they seem to have caught a big fish with this latest rendition.

Chicken, Spaghetti, pepper rolls and rice from Chicken Charlie

 The food is about the same price as other mid-level fast food restaurants in town -- 135-180. So it isn't too costly if you frequent places like McDonald's, KFC, or ChowKing but it is a bit more than Mang Inasal or Jollibees.

However, I was surprised the moment I took my first bite. It was fantastic! Not only this, but it is actually quite filling. I'm somewhat of a big guy, so this is saying something.

If you like fried chicken, I highly suggest trying out Chicken Charlie at least once.

My wife and I both ordered the chicken with spaghetti, pepper roles, and rice. The chicken was surprisingly crispy and a little sweet with a nice crunch you get when you fry sugar. The spaghettiwas good. It isn't like traditional sweet pinoy spaghetti but more of an American-style with Pinoy taste buds in mind.

The pepper role were surprisingly amazing. They were actually my wife and my favorite thing on the plate.

Taste: 4 out of 5
Price: 3 out of 5