Bacolod Valentine's Day Celebrations

Bacolod Baywalk

The new Bacolod Baywalk is now holding celebrations for lovers and families every Valentine's Day. The celebration includes dancing and art performances.

Hotel Buffets

Hotels throughout Bacolod hold special Valentine's Day buffets for couples. The buffets cost anywhere from 350-500 pesos and are all you can eat.

Mass Weddings on Valentine's Day

Bacolod City is known for a lot of things, one of those happens to be mass weddings. Every Valentine's Day, the mayor of the city holds a free wedding ceremony for all individuals who wish to do so. The city thrives to break their own previous records for most weddings held at a single time.

The mass weddings occur at the Government Center, the same building where you must receive your marriage license and take your counselling class with your future spouse. The class takes place every Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon. Do not be late! If you are late, you will be asked to come back next time. You must sit through the entire session. It lasts around two hours.