Shabuniku Restaurant

Shabuniku restaurant, located on Lacson St. above Shakey's, is a Korean restaurant full of the many great foods we enjoy. Sadly, it doesn't quite live up to our expectations.

Finding the entrance to the restaurant took a few minutes since it is located above another place. However, once finding it and heading up the stairs, there were signs to help us out.

Bibimbap at Shabuniku in Bacolod City
Bibimbap at Shabuniku in Bacolod City 

Shabuniku is divided into two sections: grill and soup with both being cooked in front of you. You have to decide which you want before you sit down since the cooker is in the middle of the table. This is, of course, a problem since one person might want soup and another want grilled.

We decided to go with the grill. My wife ordered the samgyeopsal while I got the bulgogi.

The waiter first came to serve us our drinks (which were quite large) along with water. He then dropped us off six different appetizers, including kimchi, papaya kimchi, salad, seaweed, and two other salad type dishes. They were free refills.

Soon, the waiter came and cooked the food for us. The bulgogi came with grilled mushrooms while the samgyepsal came with romaine lettuce (even though they got stingy and added in a few pechay), carrot, and garlic. Both of us were also given dipping sauce: a sweet soy sauce and a clear sauce (no idea what it was, but it was good). My wife was also given an additional sauce.

Each of our meals was around 250 pesos plus drinks at 40 pesos each for tea. Overall, a bit steep, especially since there is a cheaper restaurant across the street while serving the same flavors and more food.

Nonetheless, if you love Korean food and have a deep wallet, why not? It's delicious, the waiters are friendly, and it's generally quiet (hopefully that changes otherwise they will be out of business).